Monday, July 7, 2008


No bug sightings as yet. I check my white sheets every night and every morning for marks and haven't t found anything. I turned my whole bed over a week ago and didn't find anything. I'm still waking up every few minutes / hours and hurriedly turning on the light and checking to see what's biting me but haven't found anything either.

The real watermark moment is about 55 days (which is a generation or so), so I'm still a while away from feeling completely free. But I'm much happier and feel safer in this new place.

I still read the bed bug news every day and comment on the forums. Today there was a bill being debated in Washington and lots of people have left comments here and there about it - comments like bed bugs aren't a big issue, that people who have them are dirty, and the government shouldn't have to deal with them. I've been doing my bit to correct those false assumptions, and I'm not alone. Other people are joining in the fight to educate others as well.

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